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Success is not an end !

In my previous post I have said that success (your realized dream) per se is not the whole thing. The success is not an end point. It is the name of a cycle. Richard St. John explained this better than … Continue reading

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Knocking the door of success

Although there is no recipe of success, observing the common patterns which successful people follow, can provide useful hints. I recommend the following path: 1) Dreaming: Knocking the door Dreaming is a serious thing because before you dream you need … Continue reading

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Being a “Linchpin”

Success doesn’t demand a price. Every step forward pays a dividend. The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz Today, while I was reading a great (and free) ebook of Seth Godin, I remembered David Schwartz quote that “success does … Continue reading

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Establishing a successful start-up (my personal experience)

There are cliches about successful start-ups. In books and articles related with start-ups, authors generally select one topic among the popular and widely discussed items (i.e. business plan, venture capital, vision, formulating the right strategy and etc) and list “how to do’s” in … Continue reading

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