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Power of innovation based on R&D

Google has released its earnings statements and set a revenue record at $9.03 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2011. In the “Costs and Expenses” page of the following presentation, it is seen that Research and Development costs are 20% … Continue reading

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What did Peter Drucker said about Entrepreneurship?

Peter Drucker and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker, who was announced as “The Man Who Invented Management” by BusinessWeek in the article published upon his death, had articulated the practice of Entrepreneurship in his precious book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. As an entrepreneur, … Continue reading

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Myths of an entrepreneur are revealed

Individual does not have necessarily be a shareholder of the company to be regarded as an entrepreneur.  On the other hand, person should not be considered as an entrepreneur if she/he does not innovate. For example; an owner of a book … Continue reading

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