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Simple Strategy: Do it FIRST (and/or) Do it BEST !

First advice: Do it FIRST, do it BEST. Second advice: If you can not do both, then choose either one of them.  If you can not still manage to be first or to be best, then try to be unique … Continue reading

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To “learn” or to “be”

In order “to learn“,  you can listen, observe, act or read. In order “to be“, you must act, act or act. As a person who try to read every books or articles that are worth reading, I can assert that … Continue reading

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Knocking the door of success

Although there is no recipe of success, observing the common patterns which successful people follow, can provide useful hints. I recommend the following path: 1) Dreaming: Knocking the door Dreaming is a serious thing because before you dream you need … Continue reading

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