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Knocking the door of success

Although there is no recipe of success, observing the common patterns which successful people follow, can provide useful hints. I recommend the following path: 1) Dreaming: Knocking the door Dreaming is a serious thing because before you dream you need … Continue reading

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Being a “Linchpin”

Success doesn’t demand a price. Every step forward pays a dividend. The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz Today, while I was reading a great (and free) ebook of Seth Godin, I remembered David Schwartz quote that “success does … Continue reading

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It is NOT Funny !

Harvey Mackay who is a best-selling author and top business motivational speaker, emphasizes “fun at work” in his latest article “Fun and Work go hand in hand“. He justifies this argument by providing anecdotes from successful businesspeople and from survey results of … Continue reading

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Relation of Passion and Success

I was among the audience of WordCamp Turkey (29 May,2010). While we were watching two consecutive presentations from two successful people (Timm and Matt), we are really convinced that they are passionate about what they do. I believe that this passion have … Continue reading

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For Leaders; Commitment to certain principles is the most important determinant that causes success in the long-run. Leaders, whatever they manage – A multi-national giant, an SME, a SOHO, Non-profit organization, an hospital, military, religious organization or any type of organization … Continue reading

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