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Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop series in Istanbul by Ken Morse and Laura Morse was great!

I am very lucky because I have attended to the following series of three workshops under the leadership, advice and monitoring of Kenneth Morse and Laura Morse. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Morse; Turkcell, TIM and all other sponsors for … Continue reading

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Have You Met With My Advisory Board ?

On the eve of critical business decisions or during tough times, I try to imagine what would these great people would mentor me with their valuable suggestions if they were alive and exists in my advisory board. I have read … Continue reading

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Power of innovation based on R&D

Google has released its earnings statements and set a revenue record at $9.03 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2011. In the “Costs and Expenses” page of the following presentation, it is seen that Research and Development costs are 20% … Continue reading

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What did Peter Drucker said about Entrepreneurship?

Peter Drucker and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker, who was announced as “The Man Who Invented Management” by BusinessWeek in the article published upon his death, had articulated the practice of Entrepreneurship in his precious book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. As an entrepreneur, … Continue reading

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Knocking the door of success

Although there is no recipe of success, observing the common patterns which successful people follow, can provide useful hints. I recommend the following path: 1) Dreaming: Knocking the door Dreaming is a serious thing because before you dream you need … Continue reading

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Relation of Passion and Success

I was among the audience of WordCamp Turkey (29 May,2010). While we were watching two consecutive presentations from two successful people (Timm and Matt), we are really convinced that they are passionate about what they do. I believe that this passion have … Continue reading

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