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A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s

One of the Donald Rumsfeld‘s (13th and 21st US Secretary of Defense) rules is: “A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s“ which reminds the recruiter to hire the best people, who may even be smarter and more talented than than the recruiter. The … Continue reading

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Employee of the Month: Robert Owen

McDonald’s “Employee of the Month” is a widely-known application for recognizing and motivating successful employees. Do you know that the pioneer of this idea was Robert Owen, who was a successful entrepreneur and paradoxically, a utopian socialist during the last … Continue reading

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How to distinguish the winner in a job interview?

If the duty of the human resource professionals and recruiting managers is to distinguish the person with a winner attitute among the applicants for a job, is there an easy way to distinguish the winner in an interview? My answer … Continue reading

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It is NOT Funny !

Harvey Mackay who is a best-selling author and top business motivational speaker, emphasizes “fun at work” in his latest article “Fun and Work go hand in hand“. He justifies this argument by providing anecdotes from successful businesspeople and from survey results of … Continue reading

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