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Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop series in Istanbul by Ken Morse and Laura Morse was great!

I am very lucky because I have attended to the following series of three workshops under the leadership, advice and monitoring of Kenneth Morse and Laura Morse. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Morse; Turkcell, TIM and all other sponsors for … Continue reading

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Have You Met With My Advisory Board ?

On the eve of critical business decisions or during tough times, I try to imagine what would these great people would mentor me with their valuable suggestions if they were alive and exists in my advisory board. I have read … Continue reading

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A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s

One of the Donald Rumsfeld‘s (13th and 21st US Secretary of Defense) rules is: “A’s hire A’s, B’s hire C’s“ which reminds the recruiter to hire the best people, who may even be smarter and more talented than than the recruiter. The … Continue reading

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Seven sins that “engineer entrepreneurs” should unlearn?

I am an engineer entrepreneur. I am proud to be an engineer and I use most of the excellent principles of engineering. But there are some habits of engineering that I needed to unlearn to be a better entrepreneur: Seven Habits(**) … Continue reading

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Etymology of Entrepreneur

Etymology: “Entrepreneur” is a loanword from French: “Entreprende” (a verb in French) means “to undertake“ In Sanskrit, “Antha Prerna” (which sounds close to entrepreneur) means “Self motivated“ Thus, we can deduct that in ancient times when a person is called … Continue reading

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What did Peter Drucker said about Entrepreneurship?

Peter Drucker and Entrepreneurship Peter Drucker, who was announced as “The Man Who Invented Management” by BusinessWeek in the article published upon his death, had articulated the practice of Entrepreneurship in his precious book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. As an entrepreneur, … Continue reading

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To “learn” or to “be”

In order “to learn“,  you can listen, observe, act or read. In order “to be“, you must act, act or act. As a person who try to read every books or articles that are worth reading, I can assert that … Continue reading

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