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Professional: 1999- Co-founder and Managing Director of Done Information & Comm. Systems Academic: 2008 Ph.D. Organization and Management - Yeditepe University 2002 MBA - Yeditepe University 1994 Computer Engineering - Bogazici University

Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s 3 arguments for favoring partnership

In my previous post with the title: “Solo Entrepreneurship vs Partnership“, I favored having a partner as opposed to solo entrepreneurship, (i.e. solopreneurs). A few minutes ago, I have seen a tweet from Rosabeth Moss Kanter who is an influential … Continue reading

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Power and Authority

Power means “the ability to influence people“. For example, if you have the ability to persuade your friends to move in the same direction as you do, then you have the power. Authority is the “official power“. For example if you are … Continue reading

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Seven sins that “engineer entrepreneurs” should unlearn?

I am an engineer entrepreneur. I am proud to be an engineer and I use most of the excellent principles of engineering. But there are some habits of engineering that I needed to unlearn to be a better entrepreneur: Seven Habits(**) … Continue reading

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Simple Strategy: Do it FIRST (and/or) Do it BEST !

First advice: Do it FIRST, do it BEST. Second advice: If you can not do both, then choose either one of them.  If you can not still manage to be first or to be best, then try to be unique … Continue reading

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Is luck a coincidence?

In one of my previous posts, I have talked about the role of luck in Entrepreneurship. This is one of questions that I ask to entrepreneurs. Zeki Çalışır, is a successful and experienced businessman whose ideas I respect. When I asked … Continue reading

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40+ approach

In this post, I would like to just quote Brian Tracy’s 40 plus formula: “You work 40 hours per week for survival.  Everything over 40 hours is for success. Every hour over 40 is an investment in your future. The average … Continue reading

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Evolution of Mobile Internet

In 1999, when we have founded Done Information and Communication Systems, mobile Internet equated WAP and mobile messaging channel was composed of only SMS. In those days, it was possible to store applications in 3,5” 1,44 MB floppy disk. While … Continue reading

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