My Perspective

Dear visitor,

I am a computer engineer, an entrepreneur and a social scientist (Ph.D. from Business Administration with the concentration area “Organization and Management”). I want to share my insights and opinions regarding the topics mainly with business, management, organizations, entrepreneurship and innovation.

My Perspective:

All of my articles in this blog consist of my personal insight. I do not assert that these are true in all conditions and for all people. These are my truth which I created due to all the environmental effects and experiences in my life. So I assert that the truth is truely individual. But I do assert that there are universally wrong habits, behaviours and methods which I will pinpoint where it is neccessary to do so. This is my prevailing PERSPECTIVE in this blog.

My Lenses:

I assess issues, problems and events with a Systems Thinking which remains to be the dominant LENSE which I try to interpret the world. Systems Thinking is an holistic way of thinking and seeing the interrelations and interactions among the subelements which make the system and able to understand the system as a whole. The system is more than the sum of all of its parts. When you interpret the world with a systems thinking you do not accuse people, you try to see the shortcomings in the system and try to find the leverage points to correct the problem.

I appreciate your feedbacks.

Yours Sincerely,

Ozgur ZAN

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