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Dec 1999 –   Co-founder of Done


As a teacher:

2010 – Part time lecturer in Kadir Has University

2012 – Lecturer in KHÜ Yaşam Boyu Eğitim Merkezi

As a student:

2002-2008 Ph.D. Business Management – Yeditepe University
1999-2002 MBA – Yeditepe University
1994-1999 Computer Engineering – Bogazici University

Published Articles:

Merve Gençer, Gökhan Bilgin, Özgür Zan, Tansel Voyvodaoglu: Detection of Churned and Retained Users with Machine Learning Methods for Mobile Applications. HCI 2014, Part 2: 234-245

Merve Gençer, Gökhan Bilgin, Özgür Zan, Tansel Voyvodaoglu: A New Framework for Increasing User Engagement in Mobile Applications Using Machine Learning Techniques. HCI (12) 2013: 651-659

Özgür Zan, Atilla Öner, A Study of Realized (Poland), Declared (Croatia) and Future (Turkey) EU-Accession Dates Using System Dynamics Modeling, Journal of European Theoretical and Applied Studies, accepted2012

M. Atilla Öner, Özgür Zan, A Complex and Dynamic Issue,  British Council E-newsletter

M. Atilla Öner, Özgür Zan, Comparison of Company Mergers with EU Membership of Countries: A Systems Thinking Approach, Third International Conference on Business, Management and Economics, Yaşar University, Çeşme, İzmir, 2007.


Among the 24 writers of the book “49 People 49 Theory in the science of management” 

Amont the 16 influential entrepreneurs who contributed to the book “Kaldıraç Etkisi” written by Ekim Nazım Kaya.


Professional: Mobile Internet (SMS, WAP, 3G, mobile clients: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME, Symbian), User Experience, Game Mechanics, Telecom, Software Development, Social Media, Web 2.0, Blogs

Academic: System Dynamics, User Experience, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategic Management

Hobbies: Reading books, Winter sports (Skiing), Soccer, Bridge, Wind surf

2 Responses to Information

  1. petra bongers says:

    Dear Mister Özgür Zan,
    I was wondering where you find the strategic planning process model that you use? I find it interesting. I don’t see a reference to an author, book, article, so I can’t look it up anywhere.
    I hope you can help me.
    Kind Regards,
    Petra Bongers

  2. Hi, this was very good.

    Send me an e-mail

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