Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop series in Istanbul by Ken Morse and Laura Morse was great!

I am very lucky because I have attended to the following series of three workshops under the leadership, advice and monitoring of Kenneth Morse and Laura Morse. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Morse; Turkcell, TIM and all other sponsors for this great workshop.

  • Global Sales Strategies (21-22 February 2012)
  • Growth Financing Strategies (28-29 March 2012)
  • Designing, Leading and Building World Class Management Teams (25-26 April 2012)

The target profile for the workshops was “Ambitious Turkish Entrepreneurs“; thus    distinguished and successful entrepreneurs as well as investors have attended. Ken and Laura Morse invited great people to serve as a jury member to all of the “pitching training sessions” that have been done after the workshops in the evenings. The workshops provided us not only great insights but also to meet and network with numerous great entrepreneurs and investors.

Ken Morse’s training styple is highly interactive, providing useful advices that work, urges us to think deeply to his insightful questions. He is the most result oriented business person/entrepreneur I have ever met. He serves as a role-model for how to be a successful global entrepreneur. In all of the workshops, he  consistently emphasized the importance of pitching (to customers, investors/VCs and during recruiting for your company), anticipating the pains of the counterpart, the importance of asking relevant questions, finding top notch people, and practicing in order to be prepared for a sales pitch. He did not only tell us “what to do”, but also “how to do”. He says “everything counts”. Thus, he even told us the place where we should stand in a meeting or in a coctail, the contingencies, timing and content of our effective pitches. In all of the workshops, we learned effective strategies of selling, finding fund and recruiting; as he frequently reminds “hope is not a strategy“.

Mr. and Mrs. Morse told us great advices from real life experiences and case studies. Since they were involved in most of those cases, it was a priceless learning experience to listen directly from them.

In Global Strategies workshop we have:

  • learned and practiced of “an effective elevator pitch” to potential customers.
  • learned how to select the initial and next vertical markets and how to dominate the markets globally.
  • learned how to sell to a committee (the one with the pain, the one with the decision makers and Mr. No).
  • learned how to approach, understand, present and close our sales to our customers
  • Spotfire HBS case for creating a multinational start-up and success factors for technology based entrepreneurship.

In Growth Financing Strategies workshop we have:

  • the opportunity to listen to Graham O’Keeffe (Partner of Joy Capital) for the key concepts of entrepreneurial financing and Eric Achtmann (Managing Partner of Global Capital Advisors GmbH) about VC’s and management boards.
  • attended to the panel chaired by Özlem Denizmen (Dogus Group), Mustafa Say (Access Turkey Capital Group) and Deniz Ilkılıç (IMKB) with the presentations of Ferhat Pekin (lawyer) and Kaan Gur (VP of Akbank).
  • We have practiced to have several elevator pitches to venture capitals.
  • I personally have the opportunity to talk with Ken Morse in the lunch and I have the honor to present about the importance of “customer financing” to attendees from what I have learned from Ken. (As seen in the following photo, Graham gave me a gift for this  briefing):

In Designing, Leading and Building World Class Management Teams workshop we have:

  • learned from Laura how to recruit, motivate and retain top notch people.
  • discovered our management profiles (which has been assessed before the workshop with an online test).
  • practiced pitch exercise to recruit a potential new team member.
  • learned the lessons on leadership from “12 Angry Men” which was terrific and inspiring.
  • discussed Meg Whitman (eBay) and Mark Ain (Chronos) cases.
  • listened to Yusuf Azoz’s (CEO of career evolution.

It has been a great learning and practicing experience for us. Here is our photo with Mr. Morse:

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