Have You Met With My Advisory Board ?

On the eve of critical business decisions or during tough times, I try to imagine what would these great people would mentor me with their valuable suggestions if they were alive and exists in my advisory board.

I have read a lot about them which helped me learn and adopt their mindsets. Virtually, I ask them questions and their answers are immediately revealed without any conscious effort. I assume that this is not a schizophrenic situation 🙂

Atatürk provides answers about leadership, vision, execution and strategy. Drucker provides insights about effective management, Steve Jobs about innovation, style (e.g. UX) and innovation; Napoleon Hill’s positive thinking and achievement oriented mindset destroys my cognitive burdens and fallacious limits; Dale Carnegie helps when there is a need for better communication and motivation. And last but not least, Matsushita stands as a legend figure for entrepreneurship, philosophy and philanthropy.

For example; I ask: “What type of products should we produce?

Atatürk says: You should strive to be economically independent. Thus, concentrate on producing B2C products and envision a larger, global market place. In this new era, you can only win victories by serving the needs of global markets with great products.

Drucker says: Exchange “markets” with “products” in my question to Jack Welch and seek your own answer: which markets will your company be number 1 or 2? Try to build your products on your strength and stay effective by prioritizing your product endeavours.

Steve Jobs says: You must focus on simplicity and elegance. Try to concentrate on the products which would create great experiences in your customers, get rid of others. And be remember to produce applications for Apple 🙂

Napoleon Hill says: Whatever you can believe and conceive you can achieve. Do not forget this. I do not know any single product in your industrial domain (mobile phones was not invented when I was alive) but I believe that your company can easily produce compelling applications if you have already developed a “Definiteness of Purpose” in your company. You are lucky because you have already acquired a mastermind alliance that consists of us.

Dale Carnegie: You can not always find the exact answers. Do your best to create a working environment in which you provide the questions, and your colleagues would provide the answers with great faith and confidence. Try to help during their self actualization process, after which they will appear with the right answers and products. Do not neglect to acknowledge their suggestions and ideas. Encourage your employees and treat them nicely and in justice.

Matsushita: Do not seek to create products to earn more revenues. If you will create products that will serve the needs of the society and create value, then you will automatically gain money. When you gain money, do not hold the money, distribute some of it to the best needs of your society. Always remember to have an appropriate profit. Without profit companies will not be able to contribute wellness to society.

About ozgurzan

Professional: 1999- Co-founder and Managing Director of Done Information & Comm. Systems http://www.donetr.com http://www.donelabs.com Academic: 2008 Ph.D. Organization and Management - Yeditepe University 2002 MBA - Yeditepe University 1994 Computer Engineering - Bogazici University
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